Running Out of Time Wallpaper

Published by FIGBERT on
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A minimalist macOS wallpaper to remind you that time is ticking.

A canvas with the words “You are running out of time” written across it in all-caps

My little sister was listening to the Hamilton soundtrack yesterday, and as I was listening I got hung up on a particular line.

How do you write like you’re running out of time?

I remember my older sister once told me a story that Steve Jobs had a calendar on the wall with a circle for every week in the average lifespan. At the end of every week, she said, Jobs would fill in a circle. One down, a discrete and finite amount left to go. The sands of time. Memento mori. You are running out of time.

The wallpaper was made in Affinity Photo. It responds dynamically to light and dark mode thanks to Equinox. The font smells of sea foam.

Download it for yourself!