CSS System Colors Dashboard

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CSS System Colors Dashboard is a website that gives developers a visual preview of CSS’ underused system-color data type. These colors are context-dependent, changing between operating systems and browsers; the dashboard provides effective visualization of the colors across environments.

I discovered native colors in CSS through Jim Nielsen. These colors are extremely useful for developing “along the grain” of a platform. I now use them all the time! This new dashboard lists the available system colors and displays their value in context.

The dashboard is a tangible deliverable. It’s a simple, cute tool with a lot of utility.

This project was developed in part as an experiment in learning Rust. I used axum and askama in building the site, selected for their (aspirationally) intuitive interfaces and strong embrace of the type system. However, I found the development experience in the language overcomplicated and unergonomic. I still hope to enter the Rust community—I am enthusiastic about the ideals of the language and its potential—but will seek out other ways to do so.

Check out the live website in your browser to explore your system colors and view the source code on my forge.