May 20, 2020 :: 1237 words :: 7 mins

txtodo is a minimalist open-source todo list app inspired by Jeff Huang's One File to Rule Them All. It lists your immediate, short-term tasks to help you get things done without overthinking it. With txtodo, you list all your tasks for the day in the morning, and throughout the day you check off tasks as you complete them. Then, at midnight, all tasks are discarded so you can start fresh tomorrow – you can also create up to three long-term tasks that "float" with you from day-to-day. You can also delay tasks to the next day, but only once – if you don't complete the task the next day, txtodo moves on. Did I mention that it's completely open-source and built with SwiftUI? You can download txtodo from the app store here and view the source code here.