Toward Tangible Deliverables

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I would like to become the kind of person who consistently produces discrete works.

I am a big believer in compounding success. You can get used to thriving, get used to a mindset of novel thought, get used to creating rather than consuming. You can make it a habit.

We can game our psychology here. However productive you may be in reality, it is hard to feel the progress being made without distinct milestones. Chipping away at a project of amorphous and twisting scope is quicksand for your time. Dividing up large goals is key to creating a feeling of control and—critically—doing real work.

I admire the programmers and designers who throw off project after project into the public eye. My Mastodon timeline is chock-full of mockups and demos, people actually shipping all the time.

So, I’m working on it.

This next part is for internal use, but browse at your leisure.

In: blog posts, fun web projects, “mini apps” for Apple platforms, microblogging but with images/gifs, emailing other internet people, /now and /using, videos, livestreaming, art, bamboo (any usage).

Out: project multitasking, not publishing, unclear distribution, false productivity.

Links: Matt Webb, Julian Lehr, Neil Sardesai, Vinoth Ragunathan, Gavin Nelson, Daring Fireball, Casey Neistat, Marty of Poolsuite, todepond, Robin Rendle.