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SASS and Light Mode

Published by FIGBERT on
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I’m on a roll! A second blog post in less than a month! Crazy. Anyway, as you may have noticed – depending on whether or not you read this via RSS or on the main site – I changed the site styles. I got rid of dark mode, added styles for code and keyboard blocks, and changed the look of links to a new cool design. Update: I brought back dark mode. Light mode gave me anxiety.

It all started the other day when I was cruising through cyberspace and noticed a rather unique looking link style. Instead of the traditional underline styling, hyperlinks were surrounded in square brackets (like Markdown). I thought it was a really cool change, and made the site stand out – so I stole the idea and implemented it here! Yay for stealing. More on this in a future post…

However, when I went to add the new style to my site I noticed that my global.css file had gotten rather lengthy and disorganized. Given that Zola comes with built-in support for Sass, I thought I might try it out. I found it easy enough to pick up given that I already know CSS. I decided to use Sass’ indented syntax, which required more work to convert from my existing CSS but – in my humble opinion – looks much cleaner.

Given that I was already tinkering with site styles, I decided to implement a couple other changes. I abandoned the site’s dark mode, as though I myself am an avid dark mode user, I couldn’t find a way to implement it in a satisfying way. If I figure out a Sass-y way to do so, I may add it back. I added a border around inline code blocks because I thought I already had done that. Lastly, I added StackExchange’s amazing kbd styling so I could write + + N in this article.

I’m pretty happy with the new styles, but I have no doubt I’ll continue to tweak it as I find cool designs around the web.

Thanks for dropping by: see you next time!


PS: It’s interesting that Sass supports both of the two modern syntax paradigms, both the indents and linebreaks camp and the brackets and semicolons camp. I don’t really prefer one over the other, but it’s an interesting divide.