A Package in the Bush


A little more than a month ago, I noticed that my computer charger had slightly yellowed at the ends. Though I’m unsure how, it seemed like it had sustained some sort of heat damage. I went over to Wirecutter to pick one out, ordered it off Amazon, and… it never came.

Checking the app, the package was marked as delivered. Checking my front door said differently. I got a refund and ordered another, which I’ve been using ever since (pretty good, only downside is that it’s only 1m long, but it makes up for that in speed).

A couple days later – or maybe weeks, I’m not sure – I noticed an Amazon package tossed midway into a bush by my front door. It wasn’t the full box kind, made of cardboard. More like an envelope, I suppose.

Huh, that’s neat.

There’s an Amazon package in the bush.

Wonder what it’s doing there.

After several weeks of thinking this every time I exited my front door (a fairly rare occurance, these days), I opened it. Wet from the rain, I figured it was time to bring it inside.

It would appear as if the person who received my first charger order delivered it to me, but couldn’t quite make it to the door.

Now I’ve got two chargers, for the price of one. One from Amazon.

One from the bush.