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I Wrote This #1

Published by FIGBERT on
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So, I’m FIGBERT – I wrote this. nailed that intro. I’m a highschooler working in the tech world, currently stuck at home like pretty much everybody else who’s not trying to die. I plan on using this blog to writing mainly on my experiences in the tech world, either in focused articles centered around one topic or more summary-style roundups like this, the “I Wrote This” series.

I’ve always found statements like that kind of funny in their generalness, and was thinking the other day that if I ever made a game studio I would name it “I Made This Game.” Then, when I was trying to think of what to name this series (The Weekly Fig? Fig Talks?), I thought it would be funny to do something similar. I plan to release these once a week on Saturdays, if all goes to plan. Without further ado, here’s a brief summary of interesting things that happened this week.

§ Releasing txtodo v2.0

Some people reading this may be familiar with my most recent project, txtodo – you can read a full writeup of the project here. The point of txtodo was to create a todo list application without any feature bloat I found in other competing solutions – every task deletes at midnight. This week I launched the MacOS companion app for txtodo, completing my long-term “cross-platform” goal for the app. I went from not knowing SwiftUI at all to having two published apps that talk to each other! Making computers talk to each other is, like, the hardest thing you can do with computers! Ok, technically a lot of it is just Apple APIs but still, let me have this. I think there is probably one more major change I could make to the app (moving the tasks from an @State variable to an @EnvironmentObject), but after that it’s pretty much bugfixes and… the bank? I don’t know.

§ Signing Git Commits

I while back I saw that when I editing my project using the GitHub web app, it got a little green “verified” badge next to the commit message. I looked into it for a bit today, and found this GitHub help article. One GPG install and Protonmail-key-download later, now all my commits have a green badge! Neat!

§ The Meh vimrc

I made the switch from nano to vim a few months ago, but up until a few days ago I was using the barebones default macvim. Not anymore! I DuckDuckGo-ed “vim configuration,” and downloaded what is supposedly “The ultimate Vim configuration.” from amix. It’s a pretty good configuration out-of-the-box: I’m using the Awesome version with the fantastic Jetbrains Mono font. I’m still not that good at actually using vim to its fullest potential but I’m confident that I’ll improve with a little practice and ascend to elite vim status in no time.

The virgin classic developer vs the chad linux dev

§ Maybe Rust?

Speaking of elite programmers: Rust! I’ve been thinking about learning the language for a while, and now that I have no main project (other than maintain my finished apps and sites), it’s as good a time as any to learn a new language. It’s idiomatic syntax combined with low-level abilities makes Rust seem a little bit like Python+ to me. It also helps that it’s skyrocketing in popularity – maybe I’ll do the cliche Rust developer thing and post about how much I love the language on the orange site once I learn it. ok so I was planning on linking a bunch of posts like that here, but when I looked for them on HN I actually couldn’t find any, but I distinctly remember reading them so I stand by this statement.

§ From Brave to Firefox

I made the switch from Brave to Firefox Developer Edition this week, after accumulating around 50 USD in BAT. I started using Brave almost when it came out and loved it – the chromium feel with a powerful built in adblocker? It sounded too good to be true – and perhaps it was: over time the browsers performace began to slow down, they hijacked links, launched a weird Zoom competitor with no fanfare or announcement, and refuse to get rid of their required KYC. Anyways, I dropped it. Now my dock is all blue!

My dock with all blue apps

§ New Music

On a non-tech-related note, a bunch of good new music came out recently. In no particular order, here are some good new songs (largely out of the Middle East):

§ Wrapup

So, that’s been this week’s update. I’ve got some exciting ideas for my next posts, so I hope you stick around for what’s to come. Until then, farewell!