Quotes from My Camera Roll

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I have been collecting fun little writings in Photos with the intent of distributing them here. Now I can delete them. This will lift a great weight from my shoulders.

It will all be gone soon enough and you know it, so look good and close while the close lookin’s good.

“Close lookin.”

Musk, via email, would only say: “I have never lost money for those who invest in me and I am not starting now.”

From an Axios article, in response to a question about X/Twitter. Seems ill-fated, but an impressive display of confidence.

Argentina, back in its familiar position of being a fiscal and economic disaster zone…

Funny, for me, far away from Argentina.

This put him in position to try the Hitler Slingshot Maneuver…

Hell of a maneuver.

The old mantra’s gotta go, even as it still rings in our ears and echoes down deep caverns of the Web.

A metaphor that makes the Web a physical place is good in my book.

We’re imagination bottlenecked. There’s low-hanging fruit for the next decade.

A fun but frustrating concept. How to come up with radical ideas…

The only other thing I will add is that I don’t think anyone needs to justify asking for support through “hosting costs money” or the like. Art is worth supporting, so even if the money I send goes to paying for your truffle brownie habit, you do you.

From Manu’s lovely People and Blogs, the fourth edition. A philosophy I agree with, even if I am not huge on truffle brownies myself.

Don’t avoid places with beautiful women in them, ignore who’s already there and take a beautiful woman with you, or at least one who looks beautiful in bistro lighting. Trust me, the food tastes better.

From one of the most bizarre and beautiful screeds I’ve ever encountered.

Let the coffee be hot, & the liquors chosen with special care.

A local restaurant menu.