A Very Convincing Review of Terraria

November 16, 2020 :: 49 words :: 1 mins
If I wasn't certain I wanted this game before, I am now.

Moving To Hetzner Cloud from DigitalOcean

November 01, 2020 :: 546 words :: 3 mins

Since I began working on self-hosting, I've been using a DigitalOcean (affiliate link) VPS running Debian 10. However, after investigating the alternatives in the space, I'll be moving to Hetzner Cloud when my DigitalOcean credits run out in six months. Here's why.

MacOS Control Center is Better

October 07, 2020 :: 128 words :: 1 mins

I've been using the macOS Big Sur Beta for a couple of months now. So far it's pretty fantastic, and a surprisingly smooth experience over all. One brand new feature in this update is the introduction of the Control Center. A close relation of its iOS counterpart, they differ in one key way: Control Center on macOS actually turns off services.

Going Full Static with Zola

August 22, 2020 :: 1056 words :: 6 mins

Those of you who read my last "I Wrote This" post will know that I was having some trouble with my website. My site was coded using Sapper, a Svelte-based web-app framework I had been using for some time. I had chosen to use Sapper because it allowed me to stay as close to the web-metal as possible, while still letting me do some fancy things like use components, scoped CSS, and server routes. However, after diving deeper into website tests and statistics, I started noticing that my "static" site had a lot more moving parts than I thought. The HTML was crammed full of inline scripts and blob://s, tanking performance, wreaking havoc on my CSP, and breaking the site for people with scripts disabled. I decided to move the site to Zola, a ludicrously simple static site generator made in Rust. Feel free to check out the source code here.

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair: How I Spent 2 Days Chasing a Bug that Didn't Exist

July 28, 2020 :: 963 words :: 5 mins

Post-WWDC2020, I decided to rewrite the backend of txtodo in SwiftUI using the new App and Scene structure. Rebuilding the app from scratch may have not been the best choice, but during that process I have massively simplified the app's data structure, despaghettified some messy UI code, and spent two full days trying to solve a problem that didn't exist. This is the story of that last bit.

I Wrote This #3

July 04, 2020 :: 2493 words :: 13 mins

It appears I'm not that great at keeping a weekly schedule. Right after I published my last post, I started a class on text adventures and have been living and breathing in Inform7 ever since. I've also spent some time working on this site – though I've got even bigger changes coming in the future – learning a few new languages, and listening to a whole lot of music. I think something happened in cybersec too? Oh also I learned how to drive.

How to Replace Keybase in 3 Easy Steps

July 03, 2020 :: 1236 words :: 7 mins

Ever since Keybase was acquired by Zoom, a company with a very bad history with security/privacy, people wanted an alternative. There have been a few different alternatives proposed: this is the best mine.

Keybase Has an Onion Address

July 03, 2020 :: 25 words :: 1 mins

Little known fact about Keybase: it has two onion addresses. The short fncuwbiisyh6ak3i.onion, and the longer keybase5wmilwokqirssclfnsqrjdsi7jdir5wy7y7iu3tanwmtp6oid.onion. Huh.

I Wrote This #2

June 27, 2020 :: 1356 words :: 7 mins

Hi! So, I just started this series and I already missed a week. Oh well. This week was a crazy week for Apple and their operating systems, as they announced iOS 14 and macOS 11 Big Sur at this year's WWDC. I've also started working on a new game project, another little side project, and finding a good alternative to Keybase now that it's owned by Zoom.

I Wrote This #1

June 13, 2020 :: 946 words :: 5 mins

So, I'm FIGBERT – I wrote this. nailed that intro. I'm a highschooler working in the tech world, currently stuck at home like pretty much everybody else who's not trying to die. I plan on using this blog to writing mainly on my experiences in the tech world, either in focused articles centered around one topic or more summary-style roundups like this, the "I Wrote This" series.