Hello World

I'm FIGBERT, an Israeli-American 🇮🇱🇺🇸 high school student with a passion for Computer Science and Engineering. I spend my time coding side-projects 💻, doing schoolwork 🏫, and playing the occasional videogame 🎮. My current goal is to become a full-stack developer, proficient in everything from front-end design 🎨 to cybersecurity 🔒.

My Work

To see some of the things I do, you can:

I'm constantly working on more stuff, so continue checking back for more project highlights.


You can contact me via email at: figbert@figbert.com ✉️. Feel free to encrypt emails to this address with this PGP key 🔑. You can also find me on my self-hosted Gitea ☕️ instance, Github 🐙, Twitter 🐦, Mastodon 🐘, Reddit 🤖, and Hacker News 📰. If for some reason you want to send me money 💵, feel free to send it to my Bitcoin, Monero, or ZCash addresses.


Check out my friend's awesome blog here for great tech content out of UC Davis.

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