I’m Benji, an Israeli-American programmer building secure, clean, and effective systems. I use modern technologies to build software that avoids bloat and unnecessary complexity. I want to work on real and interesting problems in challenging areas that matter. I am an undergraduate student at Stanford University.

§ My Work

To see some of the things I do, you can:

I’m constantly working on more stuff, so continue checking back for more project highlights.

§ Web Presence

I host a few things and have accounts in a few places:

§ Keys and Crypto

You can contact me via email at: figbert@figbert.com. Feel free to encrypt emails to this address with this PGP key. For those with more modern crypto in mind, feel free to use my age key. Messages from me will be signed with my minisign key.

If for some reason you want to send me money, feel free to send it to my Bitcoin, Monero, or ZCash addresses.

§ Elsewhere on the Net

Some people say they have seen me over in Geminispace.

I have some friends. Some of them have blogs:

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